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Goodbye & Hello

What a whirlwind it has been. I can say confidently that we had everything thrown at us that possibly could, through out the purchase of our new property. There were so many challenges for everyone involved in making this happen.

Shane and I are now entering the final acceptance stages that this is actually happening. We are leaving our cozy Stoney Lake paradise and headed into the unknown. When we moved here 3 years ago, there was already a slight ‘knowing’ that my dreams would outgrow this property and especially the pigs would eventually require more space to live their best lives. Amongst that knowing, there was also a pocket of doubt, as we didn’t really think we could ever ever be in the position to acquire 83 acres of space to grow the sanctuary. That is stuff from day -dreams, especially for two 30-something -year olds living in Peterborough. Alas, here we are in our final weeks trying to absorb everything we can. I am trying to remember what my old life felt like, just for a second. In less than 5 years I went from 0-11 pigs, and a 600 sq ft wartime home to an 83-acre farm. Is that even normal?! Its not ‘most’ lives, but it’s ours, and I could not be more excited.

Of course in the last few days, I have already gotten a glimpse behind a different curtain of animal rescue. On one acre with limited spaced and resources, it is a little easier to say no to a cow or a large commercial pig, for example. Logistically those types of animals just could not live here in Stoney Lake. Now I am on the side of the curtain where I can logistically support those animals but finances and resources will play a larger inhibiting role. 4 large commercial pigs have already come knocking on the gates of The Pearly Acre, and I am already teaching myself how to prioritize. Obviously they ALL need sanctuary… but not all of them will get it. That is such a difficult pill to swallow. Where animals are exploited, animals need rescue.

When Shane and I first found this property, it was put on the back burner and we were simply going to follow its progression to ultimately see what it sold for. Two weeks had passed, and we checked in, to find out that not only had it not sold- but it didn’t have any offers. From there, things moved very quickly and with that, many many hurdles that at times left us thinking that we ultimately would not get the house! Fast -forward almost 30 days, and our lives are about to drastically change. Every day it becomes more real as we make the necessary calls to move our lives a mere 20 minutes down the road. Although it is close by to all that we’ve known for the past 3 years, this is truly another level of country living.

This move will not be like the two I’ve experienced in the past. When we moved here, I only had 3 pigs, not that that made it easier. For the record, Bullet put a hole right through the man door in the garage while they anxiously waited for us to bring them into the house. Pigs do not do well with change, as a pray animal, they are programmed to be stressed about anything outside of the usual. There are so many moving parts now with 11 pigs, a barn to move and the contents of the home. On the other end, there is fencing to secure in a timely manor before the ground freezes, straw to have delivered, and the details surrounding a new resident’s arrival… not to mention, Phoenix’s surgery quickly approaching to which I have been shelving all relevant anxieties.

This is going to change the lives of many animals (pigs more specifically) and of course our current pigs. I cannot wait to see Rosie wander wherever she wants! Tours will look different, I am sure of that. I will miss the cozy experience this little property gave us. Golf Course rd has been a place that has changed a few lives, I’m sure of it (human and non human) The connections that grew here, the seeds that were planted and the hearts that grew, will follow us. The surprises, the birthday parties and the best friend/family outings that took place here at our beautiful home, effected me so deeply, I can’t even put it into words.

Every tour, I tell people about Pearl, I simply cannot believe what has happened since her passing. This tiny little pig has a HUGE legacy. We did such a BIG thing, I can’t even wrap my head around it.

This is going to be a long, difficult, expensive, worth it, beautiful, messy, journey.

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